Food allergies are not only an issue for us humans. Many dog owners are also forced to change the diet of their beloved pets. This was also the case for Tessa Zaune-Figlar. After her dog had an allergic reaction to his food, her veterinarian advised her to prepare meals according to vegan recipes. That was the birth of Vegdog: In 2015, she founded her company, which offers plant-based, allergen-free dog food. Meanwhile, Valerie Henssen joined her as co-founder and Vegdog offers wet food for dogs of different age groups, as well as dry food, nutritional supplements and snacks. All products – which are 100% natural and vegan – are developed in collaboration with expert veterinarians and contain enough ingredients to be used as a complete nutrition. In other words, they are true all-round talents.


Tessa Zaune-Figlar,
Valerie Henssen


Munich, Germany