It is indisputable: Oats are healthy, gluten-free or at least low in gluten, contain many important vitamins and thus are an important part of a conscious nutrition. Nevertheless, oats were not a lifestyle product in Germany for a long time – at least until 2015, when Anna Schubert, Leandro Burguete and Levin Siert had the idea of offering affordable, freshly cooked porridge in take-away restaurants with Haferkater. Customers can add a variety of plant-based toppings, such as fruit or nuts, to the menu, which is exclusively based on freshly ground oats, water and salt, to create their own customized, healthy breakfast. Today, there are more than ten locations at train stations throughout Germany already. Since 2020, Haferkater has also been offering its most popular porridges as convenience products in supermarkets.


Anna Schubert,
Leandro Burguete,
Levin Siert


Berlin, Germany